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>> a quick reminder of the world headlines. barack obama ordering more transparency and surveillance, saying that they are not interested in spying on ordinary people. the u.s. and russia without two -- vow to find ways to mend their disagreements. bloodshed in pakistan. nine people killed as gunmen opened fire at a mosque after a devastating suicide bombing at a police funeral. turkey advises its citizens in lebanon to leave the country if necessary. the lebanese state agency said that it reviews the unknown group has claimed responsibility saying that the hostages would be freed in return for lebanese captives held in syria. u.s. firefighters are gaining ground against the california wildfire that is threatening hundreds of homes. good we the a step closer to finding the model for the mona lisa? -- could we be a step closer to finding the model for mono lisa? the election returned robert mugabe to power. the opposition has evidence that some there were some names duplicated on the list. >> thank you for joining us. our guest discussed molly. >> there is no question
>> the u.s. government inches closer to military action in syria. the obama administration pushes forward, the international community is urging caution and restraint. more on the growing tensions ahead. the water of the santa barbara coast hide a secret. it has been offshore fracking even though there are no regulations and the coast was once trashed by an oil spill. pay raises and bonuses are usually reserved for rewards for doing good work that is not the case for many of the nations top ceo's, especially at a time of rowing wealth inequality. more on that later. it is friday, august 30. i am megan la paz and washington, d.c.. president obama and his cabinet are still delivering on whether or not the u.s. should become militarily involved in syria and to what extent. six jerry of state john kerry addressed the public reiterating administration rhetoric against bashar all assad. >> our concern is not just about some far off land oceans away. that is not what this is about. are concerned with the cause of the defenseless people of syria is about choices that will direct the effec
with us. >> time for us to bring you the second part of our debate. we are talking about why barack obama and vladimir putin will not be meeting. from syria to siberia, let's bring in our guest, a specialist in the american- russian relationship. and senior fellow ship at the partnership for secure america. was this just for a short time, he is a journalist at the russian service. halfway through this, you are off. we will get your thoughts in a moment. by satellite we have to guess, the director studies at the institute democracy, good to see. in washington d.c., the chief political columnist and one house correspondent for newsmax. what are the issues that could fit into something called human rights under the criminal justice system? your time is scarce. tell us what you have written about its implications and ramifications for all of us. >> i am following this case like you are for several years. each time there's something new, it gets more and more unbelievable if you have read kafka or orwell, this is nothing. they say the russian officials stole 230 million. people put him in pris
that president obama has military options available. he has met with advisers to consider actions following an alleged chemical attack blamed on the syrian government. three destroyers are currently deployed, with reports of another is on the way, all of them carrying up to 300 cruise missiles, which is more than enough to act rapidly if obama wants to order the strike. there is also the nato maritime group, which includes four more ships. and if we look at the mainland, the u.s. and western allies military presence around syria is also very significant. we are following america's military willingness. >> it appears the u.s. is no longer just using words to address these. crisis. they are pointing to possible military action now being deliberated. despite the fact the unconfirmed reports made by the syrian rebels not been verified, president obama has called recent allegations of chemical weapons being used by the syrian government a big event of grave concern. white house officials say the u.s. has a range of options and the administration is going to act very deliberately in making decisi
of injuries and on eyewitness reports. these kinds of discussions are emerging as barack obama, the american president, talks about things with his security advisers and terms of an american response is, indeed, there has been the use of chemical weaponry. president obama has repeatedly said if a side uses chemical weapons, that would be a egregious, and then foreign and american intervention would be justified. now, this comes as the united states uses its naval forces to move closer, and we are hearing from the united states that it would be prepared to strike if, indeed, called upon to do so. this comes as serious and state television said soldiers entered a number of tunnels that had been used by rebel fighters, and there, they found evidence of chemical waste. there were empty shells that had marks on them made in saudi arabia, saudi arabia being a critic of the president, bashar al-assad, and there seem to be a lot of reports and evidence that the rebels, in fact, are responsible for carrying out these chemical attacks. all of the footage and all of the reports circulating online are,
states on the verge of military action in syria. today, president obama gave a speech at the lincoln memorial to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the march on washington, but more pressing on his mind is how the united states and allies will react to an alleged chemical strike in war-torn syria. the special envoy to syria acknowledged special -- some kind of chemical substance was used outside damascus, claiming the lives of more than 1000 people. nato called the attack a clear breach of norms -- international norms. planning for a round of military strikes against selected targets of the assad. the white house stressed that the goal is not to remove assad from power, but to punish his government for the attacks. president obama is unlikely to find support in the arab world for military strikes against syria. the arab league, though it blames the syrian government and has blamed president assad, will not endorse military retaliation. the u.s. congress wants a say before military action is taken. 22 members of the house of representatives have written a letter demanding congress ap
obama told pbs yesterday he did not want a prolonged military intervention. >> if we are saying in a clear and decisive but very limited way, we send a shot across the bow saying, stop doing this, that can have a positive impact on a national security over the long term and may have a positive impact in the sense that chemical weapons are not used again on innocent civilians. >> the white house announced it will brief members of congress later today on plans to move forward with a military's right, and it -- military strike, and will reduce evidence -- release evidence of the assad rweegime's responsibility. i asked her correspondent what iran's backing of the syrian means -- regime means for the country. >> iran is a close ally of these -- the syrian president bashar al-assad. we are hearing from iran that they will apply pressure to prevent military action happening inside that country. we heard from a confidant of the supreme leader khamenei, and he says syria's is iran's province, and if we lose syria we lose tehran. any kind of action inside syria will open the floodgates,
to file a request as soon as next week, file a request that president obama pardon bradley manning or at least commute his sentence to time served. he served over three years that he has een in confinement over three years justin this -- throughout the trial and pretrial. the case is going to the army court of appeals and it is possible that it could go all the way to the supreme court. >> thank you. >> for more on what the sentence means for bradley manning and other whistleblowers, is -- i was joined by the national security and human rights director at the human accountability object. and a professor of law at howard university and a former chief prosecutor at guantÁnamo bay. i asked colonel davis with this sentence means for manning? > >> that number likely results in private manning serving about another eight to nine years of he will get credit for time served. you get good time credit as a third off 10 days a month. and he is held to per -- perl. -- parole. >> this is the criticl phase of the trial. manning had accepted guilt for some of these charges. the only question was
to what was said before, i do not think president obama was out thoughts --thought. he was concentrating on the settlement issue, and it provided an excuse to not talk for the last three years. the settlements are there. it will have to be dealt with. and this is what will have to be negotiated. if you take, for example, the u.n. resolution 242, which talks about creating permanent and secure borders, it does not talk about withdrawing from all territories. it talks about withdrawing from territories, and the word "the". there are hundreds of thousands of israeli citizens there, and there is nothing anyone can do about it right now. >> i am glad to hear an israeli emphasized the visible reality that basically says we are creating a new reality on the ground, and that is our position as we negotiate. a reality, and we have to deal with it. i am glad to hear it clear he. >> i am hearing the undertone, to. let's bring in jonathan. is this something the palestinians have to get over, simply? >> i think it will be a very tough issue, but most of the settlers will be deemed to be on the israel
between russia and the u.s.. the americans are reevaluating if president obama should attend the upcoming summit in moscow. >> authorities have declared a nationwide level to whether emergency. the disastrous effects of a very hot summer. >> a record-breaking heat wave wreaks havoc across china. tires exploded and a billboard burst into flames, sending plumes of smoke into the air. a bus tire explosion left two people injured. >> i was sitting on the see above attire and i felt a strong pain in my legs. i have no idea how i rolled to the front of the bus. >> several people have died of heatstroke as it went to the hottest temperatures and 140 years. experts blame the lack of rain for the scorching heat. enough in some areas to cook eggs. the heat wave is expected to stay put until mid august. stay tuned. >> welcome to this week in the americas. the u.s. army private bradley man in, what impact did the whistle blower have on america abroad? and negotiating with the colombian rebel group. and the villagers that take on the drug cartels. but first, viewed as a hero by some and a traitor by o
.c. vis-a-vis the situation in egypt? >> well, tell you what, no change of opinion from the obama administration, which has kept largely quiet about this. but there are a lot of u.s. senators now voicing their opinions about a potential suspension of any aid going to egypt, maybe a temporary postponement. that is the $1.5 billion in total aid per year that goes from the united states to egypt, most of that military aid. that's $1.3 billion per year. now, those voiceness the senate come from all sides, largely republican, and they include senators john mccain and lindsey graham. remember, they were the two senators who were in fact sent to cairo by president barack obama to discuss things, to maybe come up with a domestic solution. deputy secretary of state burns was also there. all of them came back empty-handed. these are the senators who already in egypt call what happened there a coup and who are now calling for a suspension of that aid. whether this is a general shift in opinion remains to be seen, though, because again, the obama administration certainly is not shifting. and
by talking about the 2011 fisa court ruling that was recently released by the obama administration. in it the nsa said it was stepping out of the shadowing by having this part released because it wanted to show that it operates lawfuly and fixes mistakes when detected. i asked if he thinks that statement is true. >> no. i basically believe all the fisa court orders to do domestic spying are basically general warrants and they're in violation of the constitution that is the right to privacy, fourth amendment principally but also the first amendment in terms of -- by giving that data the what it does is tells them who is associated with who internally in the united states. that's violating the right of free association under the first amendment. >> so when you have, however, on the other hand, you have john bates the judge having this scathing rhetoric within those court documents. what does that do? does that kind of solidify or not solidify the idea of the fisa court being a rubber stamp court? >> well, what -- the fisa court coming out and saying they really have no way of verifyi
>> moscow relations begin new plunge as obama counsels a meeting with vladimir putin. the u.n. u.s. stressed this appointment the more potential bloodshed is now on the cards to japan's government vows to stop the leakage of the fukushima powerplant. the united states, the higher house, where the three women were held cap if andrade for a decade -- held captive and raped for a decade has been torn down. the government says militant lands to take over key cities. just stay with us. >> part two of our special debate it is mohamed vi going to see retaliation? thank you for being with us. on the other side of their studio, the journalist. back to the other side, the author and journalist. thank you for being with us. joining us iphone from casablanca is the former communication minister. in terms of what we have been talking about, the questioning of the people for the first time ever, a change of mind, a -- a change of decision by moroccan king for the first time ever. does this leave mohammed vi in a weak position now? >> first of all, i would like to read something in what has bee
the u.s. president barack obama called out to gays boycotting the olympics though he added his voice to growing criticism to what many are seek as heavy handed discrimination. >> she is called sweetie, he is called sunshine and the two sunshine pandas are thought to have mated. staff there believe sweetie could be pregnant a rare event as they are only fertile two or three days a year but they have encouraged the couple by building a love tunnel. the cub could be been in september and it can be the first to be born in britain. >> stay tuned to "france 24." more news coming up shortly. >> this week on the next look at how the financial crisis has turned the web into something of a researcher's paradise. the week's news. and the videos of the week. consumption france the retailer of secondhand goods is booming. in six years it has become the second most popular website and leading classified in the country in this virtual secondhand store anything can be given new life. nowadays in france if we want to buy a bed we wonder if we should buy new or used. there could be a substantial diff
is fair game to go after those journalists. we have seen here in the u.s., the obama administration going after journalists from "the new york times" or fox news for perceived leaks. across the board and here in the uk, there is a clear message of intimidation being sent that if you get too close to home they will go after you. all journalists everywhere and anyone who supports a free press and who supports freedom for us to find out the truth about what our administration and elected officials are doing, anyone who supports of those things should worried about those developments. >> i want to you a quote and a response to how his partner, david miranda, was treated. "i will be far more aggressive from now on and i will publish many more documents and i will publish things on england. i have many things on their spying system and they will be sorry for what they did." healer getting a lot of slack obviously from a bunch of different news stations saying that it is revenge journalism, but is it justified for him to go all out on the uk government especially considering that is arguably wit
. while the obama administration is trying to beat its critics to the punch in the wake of the nsa surveillance scandal, they are coming clean, in a way, anyway. and the ruling that came out in 2011 after the electronic frontier foundation filed a request pretty recently. the court lambasted the nsa for illegally collecting as many as 56,000 e-mails from innocent people each year over three years. then the nsa proceeded to misrepresent the size and scope of that collection. john bates road the 2011 october decision said that the government's revelations regarding the acquisition of internet transactions marks the third instance in less than three years in which the government has disclosed a substantial misrepresentation regarding the scope of a major collection program. the secret is out. instead of reporters beating the piÑata, president obama spilled all the candy on the floor presumably so we will get our sugar fix and move on. is it really that simple? i first asked him how all of this could even be possible. >> that is kind of what the nsa figures are saying, but this center
. drones were all over headlines in recent years thanks to president obama's policy. the country has increasingly opted to use unmanned planes to fight its wars. in 2011, the u.s. military trained more drone pilots than fighter pilots for the first time in history. that trend is likely to continue. other countries have decided to join the movement. france is trailing in the race for unmanned planes. >> one of only four drones in the french air force. they can fly for 24 hours straight, 500 kilometers per hour. their eyesight is superior to those of humans. all four drones are used in military operations in mali. >> we do not have all the means necessary to carry out this kind of operation. during the war that we lead in libya, the united states gave us 80% of the targets we dealt with. >> on the other side of the atlantic, a very different situation. thousands of drones are in the hands of the u.s. air force. these images of a secret drone project in the 1960s show the united states understood the importance of unmanned aerial vehicles at an early stage. france has decided to buy a d
engagement, which was clear from the obama strategy today, particularly in iraq. making it a priority with a lot of various organized networks between iraq and syria. we have a number of weapons and fighters going back and forth between the two countries. and what i would also like to say regarding the strategy of al qaeda, i think the way the organization is structured is very important. if it is beyond the central command, it is important to act in a very autonomous way. it is clear in the case of al qaeda in iraq which has merged last april to wage a common jihad. the ultimate objective of the organization is to inject the islamic faith. the western president, anything that has to do with the west is perceived -- to the realization of this ultimate objective. so he decided to close the western embassies, which is understandable. generally over the last year there were renewed attacks during this period. >> thank you for your tweets. saying how is amazing how terrorists in tents in the desert have the power to shut down u.s. embassies. that was allen's response there. a spring in sc
saw barack obama come out and calling it not a coup but a military intervention, his words, but there was a sort of period that went on for two weeks, and this happened on july 3, if i have the timeline correctly. people sort of hedged their bets and take their time and follow the timeline of diplomacy rather than the timeline of the way things are unfolding on the streets of cairo. we come back to washington. >> no, i do not think so, because during the time period we are talking about, a joint diplomatic endeavor with the uae, i believe it was, in cairo, and you had, i think, a kind of very real hope that, as i said earlier, all of this could be put quickly on the rails, and you could avoid this uncomfortable discussion for washington, was it military, was it not, and what you have now is a completely different situation. it is completely radicalized, where you have no apparent room for compromise, and a consistent upping of the rhetoric, i would say -- >> the two u.s. senators, john mccain and lindsey graham, they went to cairo, and they were talking about the military.
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)